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We are an independent asset manager seeking to offer to our customers a higher return on investment, better service and innovative products.

Major institutional clients trust us to manage their investment funds.

We are an entity regulated by the CNMV with European passport, authorized to manage UCIITS, SICAVs, unit-linked funds and alternative funds.

We manage financial instruments in Spain, Ireland and Luxembourg.

More than 4,5 billion  AUM

Expert team with a recognized track record in the world of investment

Socially Responsible Investing

Independent Asset Management

Why investing in funds?

Investment funds are the best choice to ensure that savings are profitable. They offer advantages that other financial products do not.

  • Access to multiple markets
  • Professional management
  • Risk diversification
  • Liquidity
In addition to these advantages, at Trea AM we adapt our product range to our customers.

Traditional Funds

  • Fixed Income: debt issued by governments and corporations
  • Equities: purchasing stock market shares
  • Mixed Funds: diversifying the portfolio between fixed income and equities

Alternative Funds

  • Trea Direct Lending: private debt for SMEs
  • Private Equity: Spanish private equity
  • Real Estate: real estate fund

History and Team

, About Us

In 2010, Trea AM started operating with the goal of actively managing our customers’ assets in order to maximize their returns.

That same year, we signed a contract with MEDIOLANUM GESTIÓN, in which they delegated to us the management of their investment funds, pension funds, SICAV investment schemes, EPSVs and discretional portfolios.

Mission, Vision and Values


To actively manage our investors’ funds to maximize their return


To become the leading independent fund manager of the market, with a unique management model, innovative products and build itself up into a benchmark  team of professionals.


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Approachability / Naturalness

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Trust / Security

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Creativity / Originality

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TREA will be

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A Leader

Committed to Socially Responsible Investing

TREA considers essential to integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors as well as to invest responsibly (SRI) to promote good practices of society in general, and of the company in particular.


In TREA we systematically seek to include SRI principles in investment processes by integrating them into the decision-making process along with conventional financial criteria.  We believe this is an opportunity to complete our fundamental financial analysis to go further into depth on knowledge of the companies chosen.

By getting a clearer picture of the companies, we exponentially increase the possibility of making better investment decisions as well as mitigating the associated risks.


Trea has an SRI Policy approved by the company’s board of directors which contains the strategy and basic action principles to be used by the business areas involved in the investment process.

The SRI committee periodically monitors fulfilment of this policy.

As an engagement with ESG values, TREA has become a signatory member of PRI, accepting and promoting the main 6 principles endorsed by United Nations.

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Incorporate the ESG principles into the analisis and decision making process of investments

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To be pioneers in incorporating the ESG principles into the voting practices and policies

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Seek a transparent disclosure of the ESG information from the companies within our investment universe

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Promote the acceptance and enforecement of the ESG principles within the investment sector

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Partner with the signatory firms and PRI to enhance the principle´s  effectiveness of enforcement.

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Report our activity and progress in the application of the principles

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