Trea Venture Capital

The Fund Trea US Ventures, FCR

What is Trea Venture Capital?

The Fund Trea US Ventures, FCR. is an alternative investment fund, which offers the opportunity to access early-stage US companies.

It offers direct access to the US startup market thanks to one of the largest communities of Business Angels in the country, who identify companies with growth potential. They make them available to the fund managers for evaluation and monitoring.

Alliance the companies between Trea and The Fund.

Fund's features

Target return

Venture Capital funds have a more ambitious return target. It seeks to multiply money by three, four or five times, which could equate to a 20% annual return. The Fund is currently in the top 5% of US venture capital funds by performance since 2018.

Target market

20-30M €


Venture Capital Fund (VCF)

Geographic focus

North America, with other regions being an asset

Minimum investment



Access to early stage stakes in U.S. companies

Exclusive product

Experience in over 300 invested companies

Tax benefits, FCR

Highly experienced team

Uncorrelation with traditional assets

The Fund & Trea AM


Alianza the fund trea

US venture capital manager with more than two decades of experience.

Independent asset manager with € 6Bn AUM, baseline alternative asset management in Spain and pioneer in alternative products.