In 2010, Trea AM was launched with the objective of actively manage our investors assets in order to maximize their returns. That same year, a contract was signed with MEDIOLANUM GESTIÓN.

In 2011, we launched our first fund under our own brand, Trea EM Credit Opportunities, an emerging market fixed income fund, and in 2012, we launched the Trea RF Seleccion Fund.

In December 2015, we became the asset manager of the Cajamar Group with a range of multi-asset funds.

In 2017, we focussed our efforts on launching an alternative investment fund, Trea Direct Lending.  Sizing €70 million, it offered flexible financing solutions for the growth, stabilization or balance sheet restructuring of  SMEs. We also launched our first equity fund, Trea Iberia Equity, which invests in Spanish and Portuguese companies.

In 2018, to complete our range of in-house funds, we launched our first mixed fund, Trea Balanced.

Today, our customers entrust us with more than €4,5 billion.

, Our History

2010 - 2014

Mediolanum Mandate
Private Equity I 40 M
Trea Credit Oppotunities
Trea Renta Fija Selección



Trea European Equities
Cajamar Mandate


Private Equity II 235 M


BMN Mandate
Trea Iberia Equity


BMN / Bankia Merger
Trea Balanced


COEM Partnership