Trea Global Flexible 0-35 & 0-100

Mixed Funds

Objective of the fund

The objective of our mixed funds is to produce consistent profitability through the selection of high-quality business, that are market leaders and low debt.

These are global funds that invest flexibly both in fixed income and equities, which enables them to be oportunistic and adapt to the market movements, taking advantage of the upward trends and buffering down cycles.

Our mixed funds are based in active management, focusing in best-quality businesses within their markets, that are at a growth stage, widening profit margins and increasing financial flows. The portfolio management allows for better risk control and enables the impact of market movements to be controlled.

All our investments are backed by a rigorous macroeconomic analysis and a fundamental analysis of the companies.

The team

Our top professionals


Federico Battaner

Federico Battaner
Equity Spain and Pension Funds Director


Víctor Morales
PM Spanish Equities / Senior Analyst

The management team, with extensive experience managing these assets, follows a rigurous investment procedure focused on consistent quality and profitability. They have demonstrated consistency track record.

Analysis team

jaime Martí

Jaime Martí
Senior Credit Analyst Fixed Income

Alvaro Mata

Álvaro Mata
High Yield Senior Analyst


Jordi Armengol
PM Emerging Markets/Senior Analyst


Pedro Ezquiaga
Analyst Equity

Omar Kher

Omar Kher
Analyst Equity

Javier Gil

Javier Gil
Analyst Equity

The analysis team focuses on seeking quality assets within their market sector that have growth forecast and financial strength, with the vocation of maximizing profits.