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European Equities

Fund investment vocation

The objective of the fund is to increase the investors’ savings in the long term, generating returns above market levels. The regional focus of the investment is Europe: the Eurozone, the United Kingdom, Switzerland and the Scandinavian countries, although the fund might invest up to 10% in non-European countries.

Value investment oriented

The fund follows a value investing methodology, consisting of buying shares of companies with a value that is higher than its current price. All our efforts are focused on determining what profits the company will generate with its resources. To calculate the value of the company, we analyze the competitive advantages, the capacity for reinvesting the profits and the cycle of CAPEX where the company or industry stands. Once this is done, we assign a price to each percentage of profit, checking that we are not overpaying.

What will investors find?

A portfolio comprised of two kinds of shares: cheap companies and quality companies with the capacity of reinvesting with sound returns.

By investing for the long term with a value vocation we take advantage of:

  • The strategy of a company’s executive team
  • The economy’s natural tendency to grow in the long term
  • Short-term stock market fluctuations

How are we different?

We invest in: This might seem obvious, but it is not. We do not gamble, we invest, as we are fully aware that what the assets that we are managing are our investors´ savings.


Diversification: We have at most 5% in a single stock, and 20-25% in any given industry/field.


Transparency: We always explain thoroughly the ideas of our portfolio to our investors. We do not hesitate about sharing the latest portfolio or telling what we are buying or selling.


Investment ethics: Our investors will never find any company in the defense, tobacco, or gambling industries, nor companies in other sectors restricted by PRI.


All our investments are supported a rigorous macroeconomic analysis and a fundamental analysis of the companies.


Our top professionals


European Equities, European Equities

Xavier Brun
Head Equity Europe

European Equities, European Equities

Joan Borràs
PM, Equity Europe

The management team has more than 20 years of experience managing this asset, they have a track record far above the market average, and they have demonstrated consistency over time. The fund is characterized by truly active and distinct management of the Stoxx 600, in addition to strong diversification in terms of industries and company sizes.

Analysis team

European Equities, European Equities

Lola Jaquotot
Senior Research

European Equities, European Equities

Omar Kher

Their analysis focuses on seeking high quality assets priced under their real value with the goal that their value and price will come into sync over time so they earn positive profits in a consistent, sustainable way.

Asset Allocation Team

European Equities, European Equities

Ricardo Gil
Asset, Allocation

With more than 20 years of experience managing in sectors whose potential offers attractive returns because of the economic juncture, along with sound risk management for times of market stress.

European Equities, European Equities
European Equities, European Equities


European Equities, European Equities
European Equities, European Equities
European Equities, European Equities