Committed to Socially Responsible Investing

TREA considers essential to integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors as well as to invest responsibly (SRI) to promote good practices of society in general, and of the company in particular.


In TREA we systematically seek to include SRI principles in investment processes by integrating them into the decision-making process along with conventional financial criteria.  We believe this is an opportunity to complete our fundamental financial analysis to go further into depth on knowledge of the companies chosen.

By getting a clearer picture of the companies, we exponentially increase the possibility of making better investment decisions as well as mitigating the associated risks.


Trea has an SRI Policy approved by the company’s board of directors which contains the strategy and basic action principles to be used by the business areas involved in the investment process.

TREA also has a Voting Policy and an Engagement Policy (both approved by the Board of Directors) which regulate the exercise of voting rights and active dialogue mechanisms with the companies in which we invest.

The SRI committee periodically monitors fulfilment of this policy.

As an engagement with ESG values, TREA has become a signatory member of PRI, accepting and promoting the main 6 principles endorsed by United Nations.

Incorporate the ESG principles into the analisis and decision making process of investments

Being pioneers in incorporating ESG issues into ownership practices and policies

Seeking appropriate disclosure of ESG matters by the entities in which we invest

Promoting the acceptance and implementing of the Principles within the investment industry

Working together with the other signatories and with PRI to enhance the effectiveness of implementing the Principles

Reporting on our activities and progress towards implementing the Principles